Day Program - Diferenciais

Day Program

We seek to offer our patients a unique and
efficient service, with quality and comfort
through the Day Clinic and the Day Hospital.

Day Program

Day Clinic

A greater number of procedures are performed in a single or a few days in the Day Clinic program, thus reducing the time the dental treatment is performed.

The rooms, equipped with conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and multimedia devices combine security, tranquility and well-being. Suited for patients who value the health first.

Regardless of the treatment to be performed, speed is guaranteed in each specialty. The integration with our prosthetic laboratory (WELL LAB), allied to new technologies, allows unprecedented speed and precision, without ever losing the main feature of Well Clinic, quality!

Day Hospital

The Day Hospital is the most advanced and accurate service provided by Well Clinic, where complex surgical and restorative procedures involving the whole team are performed under sedation or general anesthesia, with only one day of hospitalization.

Its offers great benefits for the agility, efficiency and comfort it offers, reducing a lot the demand and suffering that complex treatments impose .

It is a type of service that breaks paradigms, and increasingly attracts attention at a time of increasing demands, where time is becoming shorter and agility becomes increasingly necessary.