Dental Tourism


Planning, quality and safety
throughout the treatment


Brazil is one of the most sought-after destinations for so-called health tourism, which is considered a pole of attraction especially for European and North American patients, each of whom has a specific need.

Brazil is recognized for its quality in dental services: in the foreground is oral health and, soon afterwards, attention to aesthetics. In fact, treatments in our country are characterized by an aesthetic refinement considered as a reference worldwide. In addition, the value of dental treatments abroad can be three to four times more expensive than in Brazil so the Dental Tourism service is becoming increasingly sought after, “says Dr. Robert Coachman, dentist and director of Well Clinic, in SP.

We offer dental treatment for those who live outside the country or in other Brazilian states combining agility, precision and fun.

By seeking innovative resources and differentiated techniques, Well Clinic provides the area of ​​preventive dentistry to meet any clinical need, ensuring quality, efficiency and total safety in all procedures.

“Dental tourism consists of combining dental treatments of the most varied complexities, which in addition to dental treatment, includes leisure tips, restaurants, tours, tourist attractions and comfortable lodging near the treatment site,” explains Robert.

For professional or leisure reasons, foreigners of different nationalities choose Brazil to perform dental treatments.

Among the procedures most sought after by dentists, we have the most basic to the most “delicate”, such as tooth whitening, replacement of restorations, dental implants, aesthetic restorations in resin or porcelain, etc.

Quality and experience are very important in Dental Tourism because the individual who chooses for the service must have the security of returning to his country without worrying about complications arising from a treatment. Therefore, the intervention should be properly planned with the clinical team, according to the availability of patient time and respecting their desires and expectations.