Dr. Christian Coachman

Dr. Christian Coachman

One of the world’s most renowned dentists

Dr. Christian Coachman

Um dos mais renomados dentistas do mundo. Referência mundial e desenvolvedor das técnicas de planejamento e comunicação intersciplinar “Digital Smile Design” (DSD) e de prótese dento-gengival “Pink Hybrid Restoration”, Christian Coachman viajou o mundo prestando consultorias e trabalhando em clinicas de profissionais de renome como os Drs. Eric Van Dooren (Antuerpia-Bélgica), Galip Gurel (Istambul-Turquia), Tal Morr (Miami-EUA), Nitzan Bichacho (Tel Aviv-Israel), Mauro Fradeani (Pesaro-Itália), Giano e Andrea Ricci (Florença-Itália), Nikolay Bakhurinskyi (Moscou-Rússia), Rajiv Verma (Mumbai-Índia), David Dunn (Sydney-Austrália) e no Brasil com os Drs. Sidney Kina, Claudio Pinho, Paulo Kano, Mario Groisman e Marcelo Calamita.

Dr. Christian Coachman was named the 10th most influential dentist in the UK in 2015 by Destistry Magazine, one of the largest dentistry magazines in the world, by the Dentistry Top 50.

Graduated in Dental Prosthesis and Dentistry from the University of São Paulo, specialized in ceramics by the Ceramoart Training Center, he is also the second Brazilian to become a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (AAED), the most prestigious in the world in the area.

He began his work as a ceramist in 1996 at the Keyes-Coachman Institute, founded by his father, Dr. Robert Coachman. In 1997 he opened his own laboratory. In 2004 he was invited by Drs. David Garber, Ronald Goldstein, Maurice and Henry Salama, members of Team Atlanta, one of the world’s most respected dental clinics, to manage their laboratory.

Lectures and courses; Courses and lectures are taught on all continents. His participation is remarkable in the largest dental congresses in the world speaking about Aesthetic Dentistry: oral rehabilitation, dental ceramics, implantology, digital dental photography, planning and interdisciplinary communication, Digital Smile Design (DSD), marketing and communication with the patient.

Every year, Dr. Christian Coachman participates in the world’s leading dental events, approximately 100 lectures a year. During his travels, he traveled across 5 continents, visiting around 50 countries. His lectures and courses have already been seen by more than 60 thousand spectators. Impressive numbers for the dental world.

Digital Smile Design: The Digital Smile Design (DSD) technique was created by Dr. Christian Coachman at Well Clinic and revolutionized aesthetic dentistry treatment becoming a worldwide reference.

DSD provides treatment time optimization and allows the patient to actively check out and participate in the smile-changing process.

For this to happen, the patient is heard in a recorded consultation. Photos, videos and three-dimensional mouth scans are placed in a computer program created especially for DSD. The program simulates the results and shows the patient which modifications will be made to your smile in a realistic and safe way.

The program shows new contours and enhancement of the smile, allowing rapid changes, correcting small defects without attacking the patient’s mouth and in some cases in a minimum time of treatment.

Learn more about Digital Smile Design: www.digitalsmiledesign.com