Treatment of DTM – Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Treatment of DTM –
Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Learn how to control and fix the problem.

Treatment of DTM

The jaw joint is essential for several actions such as chewing, swallowing, talking and yawning. However, when there is something wrong with this structure, quality of life is impaired. Temporomandibular disorder is a change in the joint that connects the maxilla to the mandible, which, for example, may not be functioning properly.

TMJ disorders have many symptoms, such as severe headaches, ear buzzing and pain, stuck jaws or deviation of the jaws, the muscles in this region get flabby and pain when yawning is frequent. This dysfunction may be related to very common habits, such as biting foreign objects, nail biting, gum chewing and teeth grinding.

There are several treatments that help to reduce the symptoms dramatically. However, they are specific cases and need to be evaluated with caution. Orthodontics, devices to eliminate pain and some relaxation techniques can help control muscle tension in the jaw and correct the problem. In more serious cases, it is likely that a surgical procedure is recommended.

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